Monday, December 2, 2013

Mimio Votes not working?

Here is what I would try:
1. plug in the hub for the MimioVote
2. plug power into the MimioVote tray
3. from the MimioStudio menu (purple notebook in the menu bar), select Preferences
4. from the Preferences menu, select Classroom Devices
(You should see 2 things, MimioHub and MimioVote)
5. Click on each one of these and press the Connect button

*If you don't see the MimioHub, unplug and try a different USB port. 
*If you don't see the MimioVote, press and hold on the light on the tray until it shows up, then click the Connect button. 

If this doesn't work, you can contact Technical Support. If you need to contact technical support, be sure to tell them the platform of the computer, the version of MimioStudio, what you have tried. Mimio is VERY EASY to work with, has great resources on their site and will replace anything that doesn't work as long as you have tried everything.

Communicating with GAFE

Next week I am giving a training on communication tools and as I research I am reminded of a few of the basics: