Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day one of GTA reflections

Google Teacher Academy in one word....FINALLY!  My biggest take away is that happiness and engagement in the classroom is the goal of Google.

More interestings from day 1:
As an educator who is often the most excited, eager and outspoken it was a weird dynamic to be one of the quietest educators in a room. This was not because my voice was overlooked but because every teacher in the room is passionate!  We learned we were chosen for these three attributes:

  1. Outstanding Educators
  2. Creative Leaders
  3. Ambassadors for Change
Things I want to continue to explore from our Lead Learners (aka Awesome GTC's):

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting into MTV GTA

Last night I felt like it was the night before my first day of high school (as a student and teacher). Today! Today! is the day I meet my Google Teacher Academy cohort for the Mountain View (MTV) 2014 Certified Educator experience.

TODAY, is also the day I thought I would start blogging about GTA. First off GTA stands for Google Teacher Academy. Second off, how did I get here? Let me explain.

 Step 1)
Pass the Google Educator Exams After passing the 4 required and 1 elective test you are a Google Educator. I did this after my wonderful friend Ann Brucker completed her Google Educator status

 Step 2)
Apply for the academy
 This step has several sub steps and here are my suggestions of why I think I was "selected" for GTA
-Share! How do you share your technology integration? Lots of the questions on the application included what conferences you give and how you train it forward! I learned early from my mentor, Desiree Caskey, that sharing is what it's all about. Do you live in a tiny town with no people to train? Well, that's no excuse; build up your Twitter and Google+ presence....SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

 -Video! Again my friend Ann Brucker helped me here as I had to use the new iMovie to create my video entry. The entry is less than one minute and it's looked at only one or two times. How do I know this? I checked out the views as soon as I received my acceptance email. Here is my video 

-Resume! Make a resume to share with Google. I think this is where I got "lucky"! I had just finished hanging out with the MT Beyond the Chalk boys and I incorporated my newly learned Googliness to my resume: here is my resume As you can see I used tons of Google Extensions in my resume, such as Google Shortner and One Tab.

 Okay...more will be added about my GTA experience but now it's time to use my Google Map to scope out where I need to be in a few hours! Go Google!