Saturday, September 24, 2016

The kids can't work on what they started

Eeek. The kids can't edit their work in Google Classroom.

You have 34 kids in a room and 5 kids "turned in" or "submitted" their work in Google Classroom before they were done. And of course, now, those 6th graders are freaking out! Don't fret! We can fix it fast so they can keep working and then work on re-training them. The reason they lost editing rights is because once a student hits "Turn In" they can't edit the work until the teacher "returns" it. One work-around is to never have kids press turn in. You can still see what they are doing but the kids never lose ownership. This is an awesome idea and one that works but to get 30+ kids to remember to never hit the beautiful "Turn In" button in the first weeks of class is nearly impossible unless you work in a magical kingdom that I would like to visit.

Another way to quickly solve the problem is to
 1) Click on the assignment in the stream
 2) Click on the Done number
 3) Click on all students in the top right-hand corner
 4) Return work to all students

Then they all can keep working and you can still see what they are doing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Good job making parent contact lists! Now hide their emails.

Today a teacher took the time to make class contact lists for her kiddos but she doesn't want everyone to know all the addresses. Bcc to the rescue! Click here for video.