Sunday, June 1, 2014

Is it worth it?

When imposing change and trying to lead teachers toward mastering their craft is it worth it? This last week, this question came up repeatedly. There are so many amazing teachers but there are also some who won't do an ounce of extra nor are they nice. I reflected on this and for the lazy...I have no words of wisdom but for the grouchy and territorial I have decided (perhaps for my own sanity) that they are threatened that they aren't as good as they believe. Here are some "WHY" questions if you are cranky with Technology coaches: -Why would you not want to share with colleagues? -If recognized as a leader why do you keep what you do with technology a secret? -What is your mission with technology and why keep what you are doing isolated to your classroom, department or school instead of sharing it with the district? -Why would you send an email with capital letters to a colleague, ever, especially when it is negative? -Why are older teacher mean to younger teachers? -Why do teachers feel they are entitled to the classes, rooms, stipends, etc. just because they have put in their time? -Why do you belittle colleagues who get awards? -Why don't you reply to technology coaches when working together helps everyone? -Why are you so sensitive? -Why do you think your job is so much harder? -Why do you think your life is so much busier? When a pedagogical coach tries to work with you please be thoughtful of your district and at least respond kindly...they are also busy.