Saturday, August 2, 2014

Google Classroom

Move over Edmodo and Schoology in SD#2; Google Classroom might kick you out of the arena!

Favorites of Classroom:

  • Easy-it should require no PD for even the most novice teachers
  • Turn In Button-YES, you read me right!  If a teacher sets up classroom their students will have a "turn in" button inside their drive!
  • Folders!-Classroom will automatically create folders for students and teachers and assignments will be filtered.  No more drive disorganization!
  • Seamless-it seamlessly works with Drive
  • Any device-it is agnostic
  • The lead on the project was an actual classroom teacher at one time...Power to the Teachers
Concerns to Deal With:
  • Teachers and students must be on the same domain.  Therefore in my district this will take some logistical magic by our wonderful Domain Administrator, Malachi
  • It's following the Google philosophy of iteration, therefore it's a work in progress
Don't worry if you haven't been invited yet they are batching out invites, but by September it should be available!