Monday, May 25, 2015

What the LMS?

First off...flirting in Middle School is SO HILARIOUS! I love being in the halls and noticing the love lashes!

But for real... every kid has a device, every teacher has a device and we are thinking of picking an LMS (Learning Management System). Two platforms are frequently used in our district: Edmodo and Schoology. Several teachers are holding out for Google Classroom  but after participating in Classroom (which is awesome) it’s not a true LMS and won’t be available until at least January for our district (since we have multiple domains). I suggest you pick an LMS NOW (before fall) and kick off your year with it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.05.24 AM.png

Which LMS is best for WJ’s?
Ease of Use with iOS devices
Schoology  download.png
Teacher ease
Edmodo Edmodo_logo.svg 2.png
Grading online
Schoology but neither connects right with PowerSchool download.png
Compatibility with Google
Tie download.pngEdmodo_logo.svg 2.png
Used at West High
EdmodoEdmodo_logo.svg 2.png
Differentiation of Assignment (grouping)
EdmodoEdmodo_logo.svg 2.png
Online Discussion Tool
Tie download.png
Schoology download.png
Trainers in the district
We know both :) download.png
Feeder Schools (Elementary)
Edmodo Edmodo_logo.svg 2.png
Parent access
Edmodo Edmodo_logo.svg 2.png
Tie download.png

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